Visit Form

This visit form is for use ONLY by those who have already received permission to conduct research or educational experiences at Redlair.

If you do not have a permit, but wish to recieve one, see For Researchers Page for more information.

This documentation of use is crucial for the long-term sustainability of Redlair as a research preserve.

for ALL visits to Redlair please:

1) fill out the form at the link above and submit.

Once it is submimtted,

2) you will receive an email with your responses. Save this in case you need to modify!

3) You must then forward that email to

4) The email should sent at least 24 hours in advance – or the evening before at a minimum. The occasional shorter notice will be accepted, but if it becomes a habit, we will need to rethink your planning. We understand there are occasions when you must go at the last minute.